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BYMBE - Orientation Pack for Young Mothers

The handbook “Orientation Pack”, created under the project “Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education” (BYMBE) has already been translated in Bulgarian. It is available to all interested persons on the following link: The original in English you can find here:

The orientation pack BYMBE is the first of the guiding tools packages for young mothers. Its main goals are: improving of social cognitive skills, of emotions, knowledge and understanding, better planning and solving of cognitive issues, more effective conflict solving, building a more positive atmosphere in the classroom, etc. the handbook also contains description of the models that give opportunities to the social workers to help young mothers to get oriented in their alternatives for career and general development. One of the most distinguished methods known to us from a previous project is the SymfoS method. It emphasises on establishing sustainable relationships between the young mothers and the social workers and through that – to enhancing the self esteem of each participant in question.

Our partners on the project who used the Handbook for the first time in working with the NEETs (not in employment, education or training) and successfully brought most of them back to education, shared their thoughts on it. From the social workers’ point of view, they have observed firstly great misconception and distancing from the method used. However, in the process of applying different activities and games (which you will find in the Handbook) the participants have felt at ease and grasped the aim of the educating plan. The goal-setting module (number 3) boosted the confidence of the participants thus enabling them to realize their opportunities, to reflect on how can they achieve the goals they’ve alone set for themselves.  

On the other hand, the young mothers have shared that they have discovered the meaning of education, that they have realized a lot of truths for themselves. Most importantly – they’ve realized not only the need but the will for going back to school.

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