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How to Make a Difference through Community Leadership?

In difficult periods, as undoubtedly is the current one, when the whole world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities of the communities and the energy of their leaders can be of great help in dealing with the situation. 

There are many ideas for activities at this time:
  • organizing groups of volunteers to help health or public organizations to comply with the measures in the respective countries at local level;
  • creating initiatives that help people to remain resilient, not to feel alone, to help them with their daily needs;
  • forming help groups for the most vulnerable in the local community: the elderly, orphans, representatives of minorities or other people in disadvantaged situations.
Similar, better and practical ideas can be created and adopted for implementation by people willing to make a change. It is these people who support the project "Local Community Leaders", which is at the stage of dissemination of the Handbook "How to be a Leader of Local Community". This handbook offers the target group (people 55+) practical steps to organize and implement their ideas.

We share with you an excerpt from this document, which offers an effective model for establishing rules for the work of the community group once the idea that will be worked on is created and the members of the group are already a reality. In order for the group to work successfully, it is necessary for its leaders to take the necessary actions to involve the members and control the targeted activities. How to create working rules and conditions for community members in our role as leaders - see here.

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