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Results from the research done withing Childcarer 50+ project

During the project, the partnership group developed two questionnaires and undertook opinion polls among women aged 50+ and parents. The aim of the first survey was to identify the interest of women aged 50+ to take up employment as a childcarer as well as to assess their motivation to acquire new skills and qualifications. The second survey was dedicated to parents who might be interested in employing the childcarer for their children.  The opinion polls were carried out between August and September 2017 in 6 countries. A total of 205 women and 161 parents participated in the survey.

The analysis of the survey results showed that 93% of respondents think that women aged 50+ could work as a professional childcarer. Moreover 74% of them answered that there are no difficulties that would hinder their work as a childcarer. Concerns which were indicated by parents were health problems, generation gap and outdated qualifications. Nevertheless for parents most important is the personality of the childcarer. It is important that she or he have the right attitude, A childcarer should be calm, patient, able to manage in critical situations and also display qualities like honesty and trustworthiness which were considered essential.

Most of the parents indicated that health and safety issues as well as the physical and emotional development of the child were most crucial in the training course for the profession of childcarer. Modules for those areas are included in the proposed course framework.

The major survey findings from women aged 50+ were that most of them would be interested in taking a position as childcarer. 37,6% would like to work part time, while 27,8% as a full time job and 15,1% as an occasional job. 42% of women would be interested in attending a training course and 34,6% would consider it. As a reason for undertaking the training 39,5% women would like to gain new information and  37,1% would like to work with children. Also for the women health and safety issues, the physical and emotional development of child, hygiene and day care rules are important subjects.     

The results of the survey show that there is a need for a training which would enable women aged 50+ to systemize theirs skills and life experience as well as to gain new knowledge concerning professional care of children in order to provide professional services and have a fulfilling job.

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