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Resume of the Report about the use of tests in selection processes in the partner countries in the GeNeus project

The objective of the report was to compile national information on testing systems in use, recheck them regarding gender specific differences in the individual performance areas - define the specific needs for equal opportunities of access for both genders. Another objective was to identify possible existing best practices in different countries providing an overview over the way and extent to which the target groups in the partner countries use testings – this may be selection tools or performance testings. The aim is to deliver a reflection on the future of the labour market, taking into account the macro context of flexibility and insecurity that will have consequently an impact on jobs and careers.

The full scale report also contains desk research on theories on intelligence and gender specific differences and neuropsychological science.

Testings help companies to identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job.

Within the national research partners researched selection testing for employees/trainees that is being currently performed in their countries and the needs of the target groups in this area. All partners have made research interviews in three predefined groups – namely Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Public Administration (PA) and Post-Secondary Professional Education institutions (PSPEs).

Download the report resume from HERE.
Download the full scale report form HERE.

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