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Self assessment questionnaire for working as childcarer

One of the results of the partnership in Childcarer 50+ project is the self-evaluation test. It is a questionnaire based on 20 statements regarding work with children, the carer's personality, the issue of discretion, obeying rules set by parents, empathy, etc. to which a person interested in working with children should respond. This questionnaire may be one of the first tools helpful in assessing the potential of people interested in working with children. In the test a 6-degree scale was used ranging from strictly agree to strongly disagree.

This test has been completed in total by 55 people who take care of children professionally, such as teachers in kindergartens,   employees in nurseries, and professional babysitters. The evaluation of the test was carried out in all partner countries during the period May - June 2018. The selection of an appropriate sample allowed  us obtain a model of results  which may indicate a predisposition to work in the profession of childcarer.

The maximum number of points possible to obtain in the test is 100, while the average number of points from surveys received from people professionally involved in working with children was 84,80 points.

You can download the questionnaire HERE.
After receiving positive feedback from the test, it is strongly recommended to engage in consultation with a vocational counselor and a psychologist who will conduct further research and will thus be able to determine an exact professional profile. The next step is to undertake formal education that enables appropriate professional qualifications to be acquired. It is important that during the course, participants receive feedback on their attitude and their actions aimed at consolidation of positive behaviors and further work on any indicated adjustments. The final stage is the assessment of their work by the family employing the childcarer. It is important to specify the manner and frequency of the feedback depending on individual needs.

For more information or if you would like to give us feedback on the test you can contact us here: 

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