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We have successfully completed the first "Training for Working Girls" course and we are enthusiastic to continue with this great initiative

In May and June, 21 women underwent training on different subjects from the modules of the newly created specialized training. We are happy that the idea of creating such a training has been successful.

We created it because in our women's society we need more support and belief in our abilities. The training covered 3 basic skills: presentations, sales and leadership. For each of the topics, 2 learning days were spent, both in sharing knowledge and techniques, and in exercises and laughing (to be honest, there was also shared pain, little tears, but they were overcome with understanding and infecting optimism). The training was extremely inspiring for us as lecturers because we were able to create a community of working girls who continue to share and support. For the success of the training, we share with you some of the opinions of our girls.

Here's what some of the girls said:

  • for training "Presenting Convincingly":
"The training was so fascinating and filled with positive emotions that I no longer have the patience for the next module!" - Desi

"Extremely fruitful days filled with useful information, exercises and positive emotions. It is very enjoyable when you meet people with similar ideas on the path of their personal development, and Valia and Liubov have shown us the direction in an extremely professional way. "- Tsveti

"I have come to the training unassured and afraid of what I do here. I went with more respect for myself, respect, and the thought that I can. We just have to believe in our own abilities. The setting is friendly, charging you with new powers, wanting more of life and pursuing high goals set by yourself. Thanks for meeting you and continuing to give people the positivism and the optimism you have succeeded in. "- Rayna

"I recommend a" Present Convincingly "course to any woman who wants to develop and succeed in a dynamic and still dominated by men world. It is not just a learning but an experience that leads to a lasting positive change at the cognitive, behavioral and emotional level. "- Ellie

  • for Successful Selling Training:
"Useful and fun. The topics are presented with many examples from the practice of the two trainers "- Alex

"Perfect. Very well structured. Relieving. You do not feel like you do not know and you can not. "Maria

"At one breath - with a lot of lightness - useful knowledge and skills are gained." - Maya

  • for the training "The leader we strive to be":
"One can be a leader, even just to himself, but it is good to make him aware of it. This can certainly happen with this training - or at least the first step. "- Nadia

"Great, inspirational, self-revealing, gathering a lot of wisdom and knowledge in one place. Presented wondrously and understandably. "- Margie

"You succeed in motivating a person to want to be a good leader" - Annie

"Training is well balanced as proposed theoretical information and practical examples and applications" - Valia

We also thank you as trainers for the enthusiasm, support and willingness to learn our first working girls. We keep going because we have gained even more confidence thanks to your feedback, girls!

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