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Women 50+ on the labor market in the partner countries of Childcarer 50+ project

The partners of the Childcarer 50+ project made a comparative analysis of the situation of women aged 50-64 on the labor market in the EU and in the partner countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

In summary in all countries women aged 50 – 64 represent around 10% of the total population. In Ireland that is 8.58% while in Italy 10.8%.

Women live longer than men, according to the estimate for 2020, the average life expectancy of women in Italy will be 85.8 years, while in Bulgaria 79.2
The difference between women and men in life expectancy is the highest in Poland  (7.5 years) and the smallest in Ireland (4.4 years). This information is especially important when we compare it with the duration of working life. Despite a longer life, women are remaining for shorter time active in the labour market. In the EU28 the difference in duration of working life between women and men is 5 years. In the partnership countries difference in duration of working life varies from 3.1 years in Bulgaria to 9.6 years in Italy.

The average employment rate of women aged 50-64 in the EU28 stands at 58.9%. The Czech Republic has the highest percentage with 65.2%, and the lowest is Italy with 48,6%. Among the project partners’ countries, the difference in the employment rate between women aged 25-49 and women aged 50-64 is higher in Poland (26.20%), and lowest in Italy (10.4%). Also comparing women aged 50-64 to men in the same age group it is shown that there are less women employed, the highest difference is in Italy 21.7%, and smallest in Bulgaria 6.4%.

Unemployment rate of women aged 50-64 in EU28 stands for 5,7%, Czech Republic has the lowest rate 2.9% and Italy the highest 6.3%.

Although the unemployment rate among women aged 50-64 is not high, the data related to the lack of activity are less optimistic. In the EU28 37.6% of inactive people are women aged 50-64 years, while men in the same age group stand at only 24.4%.
These data clearly indicate the need for increasing the activity of women aged 50-64 in the labour market. It is important not only to increase mental wellbeing but also to ensure better living conditions during the retirement.
More information on the economic independence of women, gender pay, earrings and pension gaps can be found in the 2017 report on equality between women and men in EU (ISBN 978-92-79-65777-1) 
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