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Team Development

The UNDER CONSTRUCTION tool uses symbols and a specific process to facilitate groups to visualize many uncovered aspects, as well as dealing with explicit tasks and goals.

The symbols and resources of this tool give the team an additional language and a unique manner to interpret and communicate issues as: team’s self-awareness, communication, recreation, co-creation, self-efficacy, empowerment, performance, or entrepreneurship, among others.

This tool is adequate to:
  • Develop the team itself
Facilitating the team to work with all kind of issues, topics, problems, needs, potentials, such as team building; team conflicts; team roles; team communication; team workflow and work organization; team motivation; team goal setting; team cohesion; team engagement and commitment; developing new competencies within the team, cross-team cooperation; etc.)
  • Develop team work content
Facilitating the teamwork on specific and concrete work content issues/ tasks, such as creating a new product, generating new ideas, planning work, etc.

You can try out the online tool for free and learn more about the instrument here:

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