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Project "Reach Youth"

The project is financed under the Erasmus+ Programme, Strategic Partnerships for Innovation and will be implemented in the period 01.10.2019 - 31.03.2022.

The project aims at training and supporting youth workers and professionals alike in deploying innovative and highly effective methodologies to address democracy issues with disadvantaged young people. Research shows that disadvantaged young people are vulnerable to fall for anti-democratic and populist tendencies. Youth workers and professionals alike must be prepared and capable of passing on the values of democracy, active citizenship, tolerance, intercultural dialogue and conflict management in order to empower young people they work with and shield them from the consequences of following undemocratic ideologies.

  • Empower youth workers, social workers and other relevant professional in working with democracy tolerance and mutual understanding for marginalized youth at risk of extremism and anti-democratic tendencies; 
  • Counter disadvantaged youth anti-democratic tendencies by reinvigorating democracy, tolerance and human rights-based narratives;
  • Provide youth worker with up-to-date tools and instrument to discuss over politics and youth involvement in public life;
  • Increase mutual understanding and cultural exchange among youth towards a more intercultural and integrated Europe.
Instruments that will be developed:
  • Democracy Intervention Set and face-to-face training
The intervention set features a collection of tools, methodologies and instruments for democracy training. The intervention set content will be structured to become the core element of a series of face-to-face trainings geared towards the needs of youth workers and professionals alike.
  • Supplementary module communication and conflict basics
Communication and conflict management are one of the key skills to master before engaging with any kind of democratic debate. This is why the partnership of REACH YOUTH devoted one entire educational module to this topic. After completion of this modules, youth workers will be empowered and ready to train young people on and let them face potentially conflictual situation and debates with tolerance and positive dialogue.
  • e-learning platform
Not everyone will be able to attend our face-to-face training programme, but no worries! Our material will also be available and adapted for online use, on REACH YOUTH e-learning platform.
  • Transfer Manual/Implementation Guide
The manual will support our trainees as well as the e-learning platform trainees to implement the intervention set and communication and conflict management methods with the young people they work with.

Our team is currently developing these products, would you like to know when they will be available? Get in touch!        

Project partners:
  • Sozialwerk Düren Christen, Germany (coordinator)
  • Asociación Caminos, Spain
  • Center for Social Innovation - CSI, Cyprus
  • CESIE, Italy
  • Бимек, Bulgaria

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