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My Eco Track, Newsletter 2
Our project is in the process of finalising its piloting phase to ensure that our products actually do fulfill the standards we set ourselves and where there might be room for improvement. So for this second Newsletter, we thought we'd share with you the different activities that happened in the partner countries to this effect and the generally positive feedback we received.
MyEcoTrack Mobile App
Learn more about climate change and how to contribute to their mitigation - comfortably via our mobile app
My Eco Track Climate Factbook
Climate facts, why it affects us, what we can do about it and many other questions and answers in an interactive online book.
The pilot testing of the Re-Start online training has been completed
Re-Start Newsletter 3
Presentation of the Results of the Re-Start Project
On 26 June, Bimec presented the programme developed by the Re-Start project in a special event. The activities of the programme are designed specifically for women who have not worked for some time and need help to find a job again.
Back to Work - but How?
If it's time to get back to work, the Re-Start programme will help you do just that.
To Find a Job after a Long Stay at Home.
It isn't easy, but we can help. See how.
Newsletter 5 project Local Community Leaders
Welcome to our last newsletter.
How do we make a difference in difficult times by taking on the role of local community leader?
In difficult times, as these certainly are, when the whole of Europe is struggling with the aftermaths of COVID-19 pandemic and the reality of a war next door, the activities of communities and the energy of their leaders can be a huge help in dealing with the situation.
Newsletter #4 of Local Community Leaders project
What did we achieve until now and what comes next?
Gender equality in employment
Do you know that gender equality in employment has only improved by 2% across Europe in the last years?
Team Development
Learn how you can use the innovative "Under Construction" tool, which uses symbols to help you get your team working.
Mentoring process for local community leaders
During the months of September and October 2021, Bimec in collaboration with Generations Association conducted a mentoring process with 6 potential local community leaders.
Risk of poverty
Do you know that women over the age of 65 are vulnerable for being at risk of poverty?
Feedback from testing of methods for working with young people, created under the Reach Youth project
Learn more about the methods of building democratic values and the feedback we received about them.
Conflict Resolution and Improving Communication
Discover this innovative online tool that can help resolve conflicts on the workplace and improve team communication.
Part-time work
Do you know that part-time work reduces not only your actual income but also your future opportunities in life?
Online instrument for evaluation of job satisfaction
Use our free online tool for self-assessment of job satisfaction. It will also support you in looking for options to increase it.
Invitation for participation in a mentoring process
for current and future local community leaders
Learn More about Your Customers and Create your Value Proposition
Try out the free online instrument that we have created for you.
Newsletter #3 of Local Community Leaders project
What did we achieve until now and what comes next?
How to effectively build a working day on remote work with family and children at home
In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many employees were sent by employers to work remotely. But for those who are accustomed to the usual routine in the office it is extremely difficult to get used to the children running around and the lack of necessary tools.
Start the Re-Start Project
Statistics in countries all over Europe demonstrate the risk of social exclusion and of poverty especially at an older age for women if they are not having their own adequate income over their life-time.
Pilot Training of Local Community Leaders
Today Bimec implemented a pilot training of local community leaders.
Piloting of the Reach Youth Methods will be done in March and April
Take part in the pioloting in order to contribute with your feedback and ideas.
New Tool for Business Development: Business Model Canvas with Symbols
We are happy to share that work on SOCS project is moving successfully forward.
The Training Module on Communication and Conflict Resolution by Reach Youth Project Is Ready
Reach Youth project is moving successfully forward the Module on Communication and Conflict Resolution is ready. While creating it we have taken a 4-step approach to promoting personal, communicative and emotional competencies.
How to Make a Difference through Community Leadership?
In difficult periods, as undoubtedly is the current one, when the whole world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities of the communities and the energy of their leaders can be of great help in dealing with the situation.
SOCS Project – Village of Virtues
А Тool for Conflict Interventions and Efficient Communications
The Animal of Democracy
On July 7, nine young people aged 15 to 25 tested innovative training instruments for overcoming anti-democratic sentiment among disadvantaged young people and learning about the principles of democracy, tolerance and fundamental human rights through play.
Bimec starts work on a project for creation of innovative methodologies to address democracy issues with disadvantaged young people.
The project aims at training and supporting youth workers and professionals alike in deploying innovative and highly effective methodologies to address democracy issues with disadvantaged young people.
#7 NEWSLETTER - GENEUS: What did we achieve?
GeNeus project comes to an end! After 30 months of output development, activities, testing and stakeholders’ involvement, all the partnership has finally achieved the objectives set at the beginning of our shared path. Through the last public events, partners managed to present the developed tools to SMEs, Public Administration and Post-secondary education institution representatives, ensuring the sustainability and the exploitation of the foreseen outputs.
Project News for Post-Secondary Professional Education
Project news for the Public administration
Project News for SMEs
Bimec starts working on a new project stimulating the development of new local leaders
Presentation of tests and selection tools for work or training
On 30th October, Bimec organized Presentation and Workshop for practical implementation of free of charge tests and recruitment tools created by the Geneus project with the support of the Erasmus + K2, Strategic Partnerships program.
Presentation and workshop for practical application of tests and selection tools for work or training
Bimec invites you to participate in a Presentation and Workshop for practical implementation of free of charge tests and recruitment tools created by the Geneus project with the support of the Erasmus + K2, Strategic Partnerships program.
Good practices and innovative models in the field of youth entrepreneurship
Our partners from the „Southwest Initiative Association“ - Blagoevgrad and the "Youth Association VERDICO" - Tsarevo successfully completed an intermediate phase of the project under Operational Program "Good Governance", entitled "Civil Society with New Responsibilities for Young People - Innovative Models for Youth Policies"
Gender Bias in Selection Processes
Achieving a selection process that is free of bias (such as gender bias) is not only a just objective for all types of employers and recruiters, it is also the smart thing to do.
Invitation to participate in the Round Table on the topic: Return of young people to education
The Round Table is organized by Bimec in partnership with Institute for Social Activities and Practices (ISPA) under the project BYMBE - "Bringing Young Mothers to Back to Education"
Final Information day on AGROINNOECO project
The event will take place on 30th May, 2019 (Thursday) at 11:30 hall B of BCCI building – 9 Iskar str., Sofia, Bulgaria.
BYMBE Empowerment pack
This Handbook has been developed as a practical guide to ensure the smooth and easy transition of NEETs back to education.
BYMBE - Orientation Pack for Young Mothers
The handbook “Orientation Pack”, created under the project “Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education” (BYMBE) has already been translated in Bulgarian. The orientation pack BYMBE is the first of the guiding tools packages for young mothers.
How to use film and acting in youth work
"Film & Acting – Handbook for Youth Workers", developed by the Shanarani project is now available for download.
Resume of the Report about the use of tests in selection processes in the partner countries in the GeNeus project
Resume of the results of the research conducted by partners in 5 countries can be found in this publication.
Shanarani: online the platform and all manuals on gender stereotypes in Europe
Shanarani partnership is pleased to inform youth workers and young people in Europe of the official launch of an educational platform on gender stereotypes and the publication of three thematic manuals, complementary for the use of the virtual environment.
GeNeus: Developing Gender Neutral Tools and Tests for Selection Processes
Have you ever wondered whether selection tests could be more gender neutral? Do you find that they’re excessively based on mathematic and logical skills, and that they overlook soft and personal skills?
Testing of job or training candidates
Случвало ли ви се е да правите тест за работа? Смятате ли, че един тест може да помогне да получите обективна и честна оценка на способностите ви?
Course framework for training programme for Chilcarers
The framework has been developed as part of the project "Child Carer 50+". Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA202-026165, Erasmus+
Self assessment questionnaire for working as childcarer
The Questionnaire has been developed by the partners in the project "Child Carer 50+"
A European project with Bulgarian participation helps young mothers who have left school to return and complete their education.
Bulgaria ranks fifth in the EU with 13.9% of early school leavers, with an average of 8.9% for all Member States (Eurostat)
The reasons for the gender pay gap: discrimination or something else?
The gender pay gap is likely to be less rooted in discrimination than in the stereotypes we all live with - a role in life and family, appropriate occupations, and so on.
Women 50+ on the labor market in the partner countries of Childcarer 50+ project
The partners of the Childcarer 50+ project made a comparative analysis of the situation of women aged 50-64 on the labor market in the EU and in the partner countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
European Partners came together in Oviedo, Spain to undertake the BYMBE Train-the-Trainer programme
The Training was conducted mainly by the Irish trainer Dearbhaíl Lawless from Exchange House Ireland National Traveller Service and consisted of a full five day programme.
The Report on National Education and Support Services for young mothers in Project partner countries
The report provides a background of education systems and child care provision as well as support services in Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and specifies the issue of young mothers aged from 15 to 25 years who dropped out of the system.
Welcome to GeNeus Newsletter #1 - May 2018
Where are we now? The Generic Report on Gender Neutral Testings it’s almost ready!
Results from the research done withing Childcarer 50+ project
In the period August-September 2017, a study was carried out among women aged 50+ and parents about the child care profession in six European countries (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland).
How to support the young mothers to go back to education?
How to raise awareness about the problem of early school leaving of young mothers?
GeNeus: Reducing Gender inequalities in Selection Processes
A goal of social protection systems and social inclusion policies is that they promote equality between women and men.
Third project meeteng of "50+ Childcarer Course" project held in Kolin, Czech Republic
The project partners from 6 countries (Poland, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czech Republic) summarized the results of the survey they implemented and started working on the requirements for a 50+ childcarer course.
We have successfully completed the first "Training for Working Girls" course and we are enthusiastic to continue with this great initiative
In May and June, 21 women underwent training on different subjects from the modules of the newly created specialized training. We are happy that the idea of creating such a training has been successful.
Second project meeteng of "50+ Childcarer Course" project held in Sofia
The partners of the project: "Universal model of professional course for new age child carers dedicated for women aged 50-64 years", financed by the Erasmus+ Programme gathered in Sofia on 4th and 5th of May 2017 to share and discuss the following topics
Start of project: Universal model of professional course for new age child carers dedicated for women aged 50-64 years.
At the beginning of October the team of Bimec and its partners from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy and Ireland started work on a new Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project.

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